27 Jan 2008

Hello to you, and welcome on my website. I have been owning this domain for nearly two years now and never used it. Actually, I started this blog as a New Year resolution, and after reading on of Jeff Atwood's article (excellent, as usual). So here I am.

I intend to post regularly about technical subjects that I find interesting. I am still working on the site design, but I think it is sufficient now to start publishing. I will be improving the design as I go along.

Presentation and Background

My name is Philippe Vlérick and I am a software developer. I have been graduated twice in computer science:

  • Master degree in 2006 at UCL;
  • Bachelor degree in 2004 at IPL.

I am currently working as a consultant for a large service provider company: Unisys.

I live in Belgium near Brussels. In my spare time, I spend time learning webdesign technologies (CSS, Javascript...), reading books and playing Wii.


First, I would like like to thank Textpattern that is the heart of this blog. I would also like to thank Deron Sizemore for his set of icons that I'm using, as I've never been good at making up graphics.

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