My name is Philippe Vlérick. I’m a developer passionated about C# and everything that revolves arount the .NET framework/platform.

I live in Belgium. My mother tongue is French, but I mainly write in English as it has broader audience and because “If you don’t know English, you’re not a programmer.”

This blog is mostly used to track my struggles with technologies at work, and sometimes the solution to that struggle. I might refer to it later and, who knows, it might be of any use to other people. It is bound to go in all directions as I write whatever I’m working on.

Professional Status

I currently work as a developer for Ingenico Payment Services.

In the past, I worked an IT Architect for the European Commission in the Directorate General Justice. Before that, I worked as a developer for a service company, Avanade for about a year and a half and before that I worked for 3 years and a half for Unisys, another service company.

I have been working on various projects, my main area of expertise being C# and the .NET platform, but I also worked with Java and other various technologies.