16 Mar 2011

It’s not even been 30 days as I stated earlier, but I’m going to drop Internet Explorer 9 and go back to Google Chrome…

Why you may ask? Here is why:

  • No built-in spell checker (there is an add-on, but I don’t want an add-on, I want it built-in and on the fly);
  • It does not reopen the tabs that were opened when it was last closed. Annoying at best;
  • It’s slow. It’s faster than IE 8, ok, but still, on my laptop, it’s sluggish in Twitter and other highly charged pages.

Needless to say, Chrome does not have any of these issues. By the way, IE9 does not run on XP, while Chrome does (and is bloody fast, still).

Sad but true, to me it’s another failed browser. It’s nice, it’s fast, but not fast enough. Once you are used to Chrome’s speed, there is no going back, every other browser feels slow.

Maybe in a year or two, with some updates?

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