19 May 2011

First day on Io, which I never heard about…

Io is a dynamic prototype-based programming language.

Apart from JavaScript, I never heard any other prototype-based language. And even in JavaScript, I don’t know exactly what this implies, so my expectation of learning new things while studying Io is quite high, which is good!

By the way, Io is the name of a nymph in Greek mythology and one of Jupiter’s satellite. Believe it or not, but I knew that before encountering the language, and still wonder if there is any relation whatsoever, but didn’t find anything about the language name’s origin…


(to me it was the perfect excuse to put a picture of a sexy girl on my blog and get more traffic!)

Anyway, first task, get Io to run on my box, namely a Windows 7 x64 machine. After downloading the sources and trying to build them according to the readme.txt, lots of errors…

Finally, I found that the best solution is to download the binaries which work fine on my machine. That’ll do for now.

I also needed some reference to lookup to when in doubt, and that’s all available here.

So, on day one, no real assignments, or at least nothing that can’t be found in 30 seconds on the official website, so I’m not going to replicate this here.

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